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PecanTrust and its Employee

PecanTrust is a dynamic organisation that prides itself in constantly delivering innovative service to its customers. At PecanTrust, we require exceptionally visionary people to achieve our goals. All our staff are intelligent, action oriented, ambitious and autonomous.

We hold strongly to the notion that value is created not so much by organisations themselves, but by the talented people within them. We therefore extensively deploy the best resources to ensure we attract, developed and retain the most valuable assets of our company.


At PecanTrust, Leaders walk the talk. They are courageous and constantly challenge status quo which creates a continuously evolving organisation that is ahead of its time. Our leaders believe in the caliber of its staff and they have created an environment where everyone is involved in the ground breaking ideas and success pool. They believe that our success has the finger prints of its employee who must be recognized and rewarded constantly for their dedication.


At PecanTrust, we create an Eco-system that is driven by technology and powered by people. Our people are extremely dedicated staff that work tirelessly with superb collaboration to drive the vision of the organisation. PecanTrust people are confident and not afraid to take chances in generating new ideas. Their ambitiousness and audacity makes us a “never stop thinking” organisation and all PecanTrust staff are a culture fit and as such we uphold the same tenets and speak the language of our core values.

We invest extensively in our talent through all year round developmental training specifically designed to ensure each staff capability is developed to the maximum. We understand the manifest strengths of each staff and take pride in also developing the latent strength to push boundaries.

Every day at work is always a new PecanTrust!


At PecanTrust the customer is the crux of the dictates of our core values. Our customer is King, and we have created a culture that makes them reign supreme. We are proactive, and ensure all customer touch points deliver prompt and kind service to all our customers. Our excellence has made us industry leaders within the shortest time. Our success hinges on delivering customer experience that our customers only imagined.

So are you Intelligent, Innovative, Audacious and Upbeat? Then it’s time to be a “Pecan-family”


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