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Corporate Strategy


PecanTrust Microfinance Bank Limited is a Central Bank of Nigeria Licensed, for-profit making institution dedicated to supporting early stage, small and medium-sized enterprises ‘SME’, the informal working class and low income families through providing access to finance, entrepreneurship training, a network of mentors and facilitating business partnerships.


Our pilot program has been in operation for over 24 months and have successfully raised capital, supported small businesses and generated returns for the company and its investors.


PecanTrust is focused on supporting the development of entrepreneurship businesses and empowerment of the economically disadvantaged micro, small and medium scale enterprises ‘MSME’ and individuals. We provide a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client-base which includes low-end entrepreneurs, the under banked, cooperatives, high-net-worth individuals, among others.


We currently have a growing customer base through our pilot investment vehicle made up of ‘MSME’s, individuals and groups who have benefited from our Investments returns, Lending and other value added services.